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    The surrounding area of Bad Schallerbach is unfolding numerous attractive possibilities to spend your holidays – either actively sportive or passively relaxing – there’s a spot for every taste.

    Cycle tracks with a total length of 320 km open up the opportunity to discover the beautiful countryside by bike. Those who rather go by foot can take a walk on the Luisenhöhe to witness a marvelous panorama view. The Baumkronenweg at Kopfing invites the visitor to take a look at the world in a bird’s eye perspective. Bridges lead from one treetop to the next and to leasable treehouses.

    People who prefer to keep their feet on the ground can stretch out their legs while visiting the zoo or the spa gardens. The spacious wellness area of the Eurotherme presents itself with a variety of facilities to recvover. The vast territory is accomodation to a waterworld which resembles an oasis next to a great choice of saunas, steam baths, solariums and massages- to cut it short, a dream-fullfilled for stressed out contemporaries.

      Culture and Attractions
     Zoo Schmiding


    A contemporary action-based zoo with astonishing cultural offers, much fun and action for the kids.

    Coal, track and mining station Scheiben


    Dash around on the rails of the former mining railroad while watching the impressing nature of the Hausruck pass by. Follow the traces of our forefathers in a big showtunnel where until 1964 “black gold” was brought up.

    Trattnachtal-Nature Trail

    The Trattnachtal Nature Trail

    Along the river Trattnach leads the nature trail the way from Wallern to Bad Schallerbach and- if you turn east- to the Brucknerstraße. The path is about 2 kilometers long, flat and splendidly constructed.

    Trattnachtal Nature Trail

     The Baumkronenweg in Kopfing

    Baumkronenweg. The exceptional Original

    The Baumkronenweg in Kopfing. Here you can learn everything about the 2,5 kilometers long path of pure experience of nature, the wonderful tree hotels in 10 meters height and the restaurant “Oachkatzl”!

     International Summer of Music Bad Schallerbach

    International Summer of Music in Bad Schallerbach

    The summer of music, well established and constantly engaged with high quality musicians, offers not only in summer but during full ten months, from March to December, various events of international standard.

     The Castle of Starhemberg

    The  Castle of Starhemberg

    The castle, which is owned by the royal family of Starhemberg, is located in Eferding, one of the oldest Austrian cities.

     The Country House Parz in Grieskirchen

    The Country House Parz in Grieskirchen

    Not only because of the famous Parzer frescoes from the 16th century the country house Parz belongs to the most famous Renaissance castle in Upper Austria. With the well cultivated surrounding park and gardens around it constitutes a beautiful harmonic ensemble.

     artico - the international art academy


    The international art academy artico is designed as a tight and multiplex communication platform in the sense of a vital institution that attracts many people to visit and enjoy.


      Recreation and Sports
     Top Thermen in Österreich - EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach

    High rated Thermal Baths in Austria

    The EurothermenResort in Bad Schallerbach welcomes you to an unique and diversified paradise of recreation. Provide yourself with a personal overview of all our offers for you and decide according to your personal interest with which of our supplies you want to spend your most valuable time, your free time.

     Aquapulco - Die Piratenwelt in Bad Schallerbach

    Aquapulco – World of Pirates in Bad Schallerbach

    Ready to board? Under the skull and bones flag of Captain Splash Bad Schallerbach’s Aquapulco is taking you and your kids to the most diversified and adventurous water world of Austria.

     Relaxation and recreation in the EuroThermenResort Bad Schallerbach

    Relaxation and recreation in the EurthermenResort Bad Schallerbach

    Enjoy the healthy warmth and sense a South Sea- feeling thorugh the whole year. Expect the new Tropicana- the Cabrio thermal bath and the well-spaced and extended Saunawelt Relaxium.

     Vacation in the Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach

    Vacation in the Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach

    … just experience with all senses.

     PANORAMA VIEW from the fun hill Luisenhöhe around the Hausruck.

    PANORAMA VIEW from the fun hill Luisenhöhe – around the Hausruck. 

    The viewing tower is a favoured excursion destination in the region. The viewing platform is 32 meters high and offers you a beautiful panorama view in all directions.

     Haag, Summer Sled Run / Haag am Hausruck Sledging in Upper Austria Sled Runs in Upper Austria Sled Run

    Haag, Summer Sled Run

    If you prefer it fast or slow you will have fun eitherways. You can arrive there by elevator or take the 3 kilometers long walk.

     High wire park Goruck - Luisenhöhe

    Welcome to the Hausruckwald

    This year you can expect a lot of innovations referring to safety and comfort in the high wire park. Registration and reservation during opening hours are not necessary.

     Nature experience Gallspach

    Nature Experience Bath Gallspach

    Located in the middle of the “Land’l” a great recreation center was built initiated by the town congregation Gallspach. We are happy to present a new and spacious nature experience bath to our visitors and citizens since 2007.

     Golfclub Maria Theresia

    Golfclub Maria Theresia 

    Enjoy a few beautiful days on one of the most enchanting golf courses of Austria. We offer you a beautiful place in top condition with a paradisial scenery all around the dreamlike landscapes of the Hausruck area.